Original Artwork Fundraiser

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can buy a raffle ticket?

The raffle is open to everyone. Therefore, if your organization’s members forward the email to any of their numerous contacts, your organization will earn more.

What marketing help do you provide?

We do everything from setting up your own dedicated webpage to help you market and accept payments to giving you all the pre-made emails, newsletters, PDFs and other marketing materials. There is very little for you to do yourself.

Do you have any tips to help us sell the most tickets?

Yes, definitely. We recommend that if you have a board or group of leaders, you treat raffle sales like girl scout cookies. In other words, direct each person to be responsible for selling X number of tickets. If they don’t sell them, they can buy them themselves. Also, we recommend that you display the artwork prominently in your building as nothing sells it better than people seeing the actual piece. Finally, we recommend that you encourage your contacts to forward the emails they receive to others outside your organization.

What are the prizes?

We provide over $11,000 worth of prizes and giveaways.

Jewish Baseball Player and Author Adam Greenberg will also speak to your congregation via Skype about his amazing story of perseverance.

The prizes are as follows:

Grand Prize ($8,000 Value):

  • 1 of 100 Originally Hand Signed Series I Jews in Baseball Pieces, Licensed and Certified Authentic by Major League Baseball
  • Personal Phone Call From one of the  Jewish Players in the Artwork
  • $100 MVP Club Membership
  • Jews in Baseball Book/DVD

9 Consolation Prizes

  • 3 – $150 Gift Certificates
  • 4 – $100 MVP Club Memberships,
  • 2 – 8” x 10” Autographed Photos

How can we guarantee people will buy tickets?

Bribe them.  Guarantee them that they will win.  Here’s how.  EVERY SINGLE RAFFLE TICKET BUYER WINS.  Yes, that’s right.  Whatever money they spend on tickets, they get a gift at a value far exceeding the amount that they spent.  It couldn’t be easier to sell tickets.  Specifically, here is what they get.

Spend $50, Get $300 Value in Prizes Including:

  • 8” x 10” Photo of Artwork Autographed by one of the Jewish Player in the Artwork
  • $100 MVP Club Membership
  • $150 Gift Certificate

Spend $100, Get $400 Value in Prizes Including:

  • All items from Spend $50 package
  • Jews in Baseball Book/DVD
  • Extra 8” x 10” Photo of Artwork Autographed by a different Jewish Player in Artwork

Spend $250, Get $750 Value in Prizes Including:

  • All items from Spend $100 package
  • Personal Phone Call From one of the Jewish Players in the  Artwork

Spend $1,000, Get $1,500 Value in Prizes Including:

  • All items from Spend $250 package
  • Full Sized Replica Jews in Baseball Artwork, originally hand signed by famed baseball artist, Ron Lewis (comes framed, shipped, & insured)

How do we collect the money?

Buyers can buy tickets in 3 ways. They can click on the link on your dedicated webpage, which will connect them right to your organization’s website payment page where they can pay you directly.  If you provide us with an address to receive checks, we will publicize that on your dedicated webpage and purchasers can mail a check to you.  Of course, you can collect via any method you want in person at your building.

How much money will we make on this program?

The program is designed to limit your earnings to $5,000, by selling 160 tickets.  This is our recommendation as raffle purchasers will have a 1 in 16 chance of winning either the Grand Prize or a consolation prize, which makes the tickets more limited and desirable.  However, if you want to raise more funds, the sky is the limit.  We will allow each organization to make an individual decision on whether to allow more tickets to be sold.  Obviously, the more tickets you sell, the more you will make.  For example, if your organization has 100 members or families, and you average only 2 $50 tickets per family and their contacts, you will earn $7,000.  A 200 family organization would earn $17,000.

What is the cost to us?

We will provide you with $11,000 in prizes and giveaways.  There are no up-front costs to all these prizes and giveaways.  Tickets are priced at $50 each with volume discounts.  Once the recommended 160 tickets are sold and the winners are drawn, you will have collected $8,000 (or more if you allow more tickets to be sold).  From the proceeds, your organization keeps all ticket sales above $3,000. You do not pay us anything up front.  Once you have collected at least $3,000 in ticket sales, you can pay us the $3,000 cost of the program.


Are there any unknown costs to us?

Yes.  Every raffle purchaser gets a gift valued at more than their purchase level.  These gifts are used to induce the purchaser to buy more tickets.  Most of those gifts are included by us for free.  However, with the higher level raffle ticket purchases, there are some costs to the gifts used to induce these purchases.  Specifically, the additional charges are as follows:

  • $100 Purchaser of Tickets – $20 extra cost for Book/DVD
  • $250 Purchaser of Tickets – $75 extra cost for Book/DVD and personal phone call from player
  • $1,000 Purchaser of Tickets – $500 extra cost for Book/DVD and personal phone call from player and full sized replica artwork

Is the artwork for sale?  And if so, will any purchases benefit our organization?

Yes, the artwork is for sale.  If anyone purchases the artwork via your organization’s efforts of just letting them know about the raffle, your organization will earn between $50 and $500 depending on the purchase made.

What happens if we don’t sell enough tickets?

We will help you sell the remainder of the tickets by contacting our network of almost 8,000 followers. If you still don’t sell enough, we will combine your sales with those of another organization or two who also didn’t sell enough tickets. We will then draw the winners. We will make sure that your organization keeps your pro rata share from the total combined ticket sales. As a last resort, you can turn the raffle into a drawing for some replica pieces, which would only require $450 per piece in ticket sales.