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The raffle is open to everyone. Therefore, if your organization’s members forward the email to any of their numerous contacts, your organization will earn more.
We do everything from setting up your own dedicated webpage to take payments if you like to giving you all the pre-made emails, newsletters, PDFs and other marketing materials. There is very little for you to do yourself.
Yes, definitely. We recommend that if you have a board or group of leaders, you treat raffle sales like girl scout cookies. In other words, direct each person to be responsible for selling x number of tickets. If they don’t sell them, they can buy them themselves. Also, we recommend that you display the artwork prominently in your building as nothing sells it better than people seeing the actual piece. Finally, we recommend that you encourage your contacts to forward the emails they receive to others outside your organization.
Buyers can buy in 3 ways. They can buy on your dedicated webpage, they can do it as a donation on your organization website if applicable, or they can pay you directly. If they pay you directly, you will need to enter all purchases into your webpage on a link we provide you. Prior to the drawing, we will reconcile all payments and buyers’ tickets together.
You will receive a copy of the purchase receipt on all sales made online. You will have the name, email, number of tickets and dollars spent.
Your organization keeps all ticket sales above $500.  So for example, if you chose the $25/ticket raffle, you would only need to sell 20 tickets before you earn fundraising dollars.
The sky is the limit.  The more tickets you sell, the more you will make.  Most organizations earn between $2,000 to $5,000 with minimal effort.  For example, if your organization has 100 members or families, and you average only 1 $25 ticket per family and their contacts, you will earn over $2,000. 
Yes.  We can send you another one for free for a year.  If you want to own the one for your building, AND have it earn you donations forever, you would keep all sales over $950 instead of $500.  For details on how the artwork can earn your organization donations forever, click here.
Yes, the artwork is for sale.  If anyone purchases the artwork via your organization’s efforts of just letting them know about the raffle, your organization will earn between $50 and $500 depending on the purchase made.
We will help you sell the remainder of the tickets by contacting our network of almost 8,000 followers. If you still don’t sell enough, we will combine your sales with those of another organization or two who also didn’t sell enough tickets. We will then draw 1 winner. We will make sure that your organization keeps at least $100 from the total combined ticket sales. As a last resort, you can turn the raffle into a 50/50 raffle and give the winner half of the ticket sales, while you keep the other half. We will then contact you to discuss where to send the artwork.