Click Here To Register Your Organization For Raffle In A Box

Here’s everything you need to know to have a successful, easy, painless fundraiser.


Step 1: Register your organization

  • Choose your own ticket levels
  • Choose your start and end dates
  • Choose whether you want to collect the money or have people pay on our webpage created and dedicated especially to your organization
  • If you choose to have people pay on the dedicated webpage, you will get copies of all sales receipts automatically upon purchase

Step 2: We take action

  • We will send you the artwork to display at your organization while the raffle is ongoing
  • We will set up a webpage specifically to run your raffle
  • We will send you the pre-made emails, facebook posts and tweets to forward to your organization’s contacts
  • We will send you the pre-made marketing materials via email for you to print if you like or forward as part of the email campaign
  • We will send you pre-made raffle tickets in case you want to sell tickets in person, in addition to online

Step 3: Reconcile raffle purchases

  • Immediately prior to the end date of the raffle, we will contact you with all sales info on our end, and also get info from you relating to any sales you made directly.
  • We will consolidate everything so it is ready for the winners to be drawn.

Step 4: Draw the winners

  • There is a Grand Prize winner, and 9 consolation prize winners.
  • You can draw the winners, perhaps at an upcoming event, or another time at the organization.
  • We can also draw the winners.  If so, we will send you a pre-made email to forward to your contact list which announces the winners.
  • If the winner of the Grand Prize is local, they get the artwork that was shipped to you.  If not local, we will ship a second piece directly to them.  You can then use the first piece to display at your organization.  It will earn you more donations the longer it hangs.  Click here for details.
  • If the winner of the artwork is local and takes the piece you have, we can ship you a second piece to hang in your building.
  • We will contact all the consolation prize winners and get them their prizes.

Step 5: Post Raffle Matters

  • Regardless of where sales payments were made, the organization will receive all monies above $500.  Therefore, a reconciliation check will be cut within 1 week after the raffle from us to you, or vice versa, depending on where the ticket sales were made.
  • If any direct sales of the artwork are made from people hearing about the raffle from your organization, a donation back to you will be made for an amount between $50 and $500 depending on the purchase.
  • Anyone who participated in the raffle can use the dollar amount of raffle purchases as a credit towards buying the artwork up to certain limits, depending on the purchase.
  • If the organization wants a piece to hang in the building, we can send you another one for free for a year.  If you want to own the one for your building, AND have it earn you donations forever, you would keep all sales over $950 instead of $500.  For details on how the artwork can earn your organization donations forever, click here.
  • Once the raffle is successfully completed, we then mutually schedule a second raffle for 6-8 months later.