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We Are Donating $500,000. Find Out How You Can Get Your Share!

This project is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the great accomplishments of Jewish athletes. In honor of these accomplishments we believe in making a further positive impact on the world. We have already worked with over 30 different organizations to raise over $120,000 for non-profits. We help by offering programs ranging from simple email blast initiatives to full-scale cornerstone programming. We want to work with you and we have the ability to customize any plan to achieve the best possible outcome for your organization.

“A Night of Jewish Baseball”

Imagine being able to run a program with professional baseball players, Jewish heritage and unique artwork. Now imagine if that program would not only be a cornerstone for your organization but would also generate significant dollars in fundraising. We have that exact program which includes everything from start to finish. We just need you to market the program and we will take care of the rest.

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Simply Include Us On Your Website Or In An Email

Our database is pretty big but we know you can reach potential customers we do not even know about. We offer commissions for any sale referencing our customers hearing about the product from your website or email blast. This is the easiest way to earn some additional revenue with very little effort.

Other Programs

We offer other programs as well; such as displaying our artwork in your establishment and collecting commissions when you are listed as a reference. We also run special promotions for all non-profits wanting to raffle or auction off our artwork.

More Information About Getting Started

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