Hello Friends,

We are no longer offering this program. To see if available elsewhere, click here. We thank you for your incredible support over the years!!

Greg Harris,
President and Founder of Jewish Baseball Player.com

We Will Pay You Commissions For

Simply Including Us In An Email Or On Your Website

*We Never See Or Use Your List*

We have built a lot of contacts of our own, but we know on our quest to raise $500,000 for charities that every potential lead is important and merely spreading the word about our project is important.  If you have a website or the ability to send out an email to any and all group sizes, read the program below to learn how you can earn up to $500 in commission for each and every piece that is sold via your efforts. Our website will collect the information of anyone referred by you.  This is the easiest way to earn some additional revenue with very little effort.

Download (PDF, 452KB)