Frequently Asked Questions

How does the program work?

  • If you are chosen, we reserve 25 pieces
  • You decide either to pay up front and save or pay after the pieces are sold
  • We help you market the artwork and have Fergie available for a personal appearance

Are we limited to 25 pieces?

If you are an extremely good match, we can provide 50 pieces for your organization.

What attributes are you looking for from an organization to be one of the “Chosen Ones?”

  • Having an active board
  • Running successful events
  • Good marketing history
  • Having a large database of contacts

What marketing help do you provide?

We do everything from setting up your own dedicated webpage to help you market to giving you all the pre-made emails, newsletters, PDFs and other marketing materials. There is very little content to produce on your own.

How can we use the pieces?

  • Host an event with Fergie present
  • Raffle the pieces
  • Use the pieces as silent auction items.
  • Individual Sales
  • Gift for a large donation

How much money will we make on this program?

The program is designed to make you $50,000 using the 25 pieces.  The average retail price is $8,400 based on our individual sales.  You should sell them at a discount to entice buyers, so even pricing them down to $5,500 will make 2k per piece or $50k total.  You will make more money on some pieces by running silent auctions and raffles.  We can also help show you how to increase the sales price of a piece by adding some “bells and whistles” to the piece such as custom nameplates, photo inserts.

How much do we keep vs. Fergie?

Fergie keeps the minimal amount.  In fact, you keep everything above your cost.  Fergie makes the donation directly from JBP

What is the cost to us?

  • Avg retail price $8,400
  • 57.2% discount to $3,600 piece if paid up front, or $90,000
  • 5% extra if paid later

How can we fund this?

If you want to pay up front and save:

  • Get sponsors.  They will put up money either as an outright donation and you will keep all revenues or,
  • A Sponsor puts up money as a loan allowing you the opportunity and then gets his money back when program is over.

When can we expect to recoup money?

  • Everyone different, but if it is executed properly with Fergie’s help, it will be only a matter of months.

Is Fergie Jenkins Jewish?

While Fergie is not Jewish, he is a huge supporter of the artwork. Being a Hall of Famer, Fergie has had the opportunity to share the field with Sandy Koufax and others involved in the piece. The mission of his 25 year old foundation is to help children, families and others in need. We feel that these efforts exemplify core Jewish values of charity and improving the lives of all.

Fergie loves the artwork so much that he actually had a special edition created for himself where the original artist painted him into the artwork.

What will Fergie do for us?

  • Fergie will do a personal appearance at your fundraiser, or at an exclusive meet and greet with your buyers of the artwork.
  • Each purchaser of the artwork will also receive a jersey signed by Fergie himself.
  • Fergie will personally reach out and make contact with each big donor and purchaser on your behalf.

Is there any way to use the artwork if not chosen or not interested in the partnership with Fergie?

Yes, you can buy up to 10 pieces at a one time charity discount price of $3,750 each. You can sell them for as much as you want.  The average sales price to date is $8,400 based on actual pieces sold.