Official Giclée Artwork


We have heard the demands to come out with a reprint of the artwork in addition to the 500 originals and we have delivered.  We offer two different Giclée versions of the artwork.  These options are complete replicas of the original artwork including the facsimile signatures.

The Giclees come with the standard matting, professional framing, and Jews in Baseball Insert.

All Giclee orders include Shipping & Handling cost.

20 x 30 Version

This is a sized down replica of the artwork that starts at $495.  The entire picture is the same but for those struggling with wall space this is the best option.  This version has the Jews In Baseball Insert placed directly on the photo beneath the players.

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Full-Size Giclée

This is an exact replica of the original artwork in its full 24 x 36 size.  If you have the wall space, this is the one to order today.

Starts at $600

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* These Giclee’s are not part of the 500 original and the signatures are replications.