We will give you everything you need to get started

Chapter Prizes, Awards and Benefits

  • Trip to Chicago, including Airfare, Hotel and Cubs Game for Highest Selling Chapter
  • Pizza Parties for 2nd – 5th Highest Selling Chapters
  • Every Chapter is Guaranteed to Earn Money with this Raffle
  • Any Chapter that sells at least 58 $25 tickets gets an extra A E Pi Commemorative Piece for their Chapter or to sell for more profit!!


What is it?

Your Chapter will run a raffle for the A E Pi Commemorative Jewish Baseball Artwork.

We make it super easy for you with almost no effort required other than forwarding an email or two. If your Chapter doesn’t sell lots of tickets, no problem. We’ll pair you up with another Chapter so you both make money.

The Jewish Baseball Player Twins, Megan and Madison, will walk you through every step of the way!!Twins5

Raffle Prizes & Tickets

Grand Prize

A E Pi Commemorative Jewish Baseball Art ($1,000 Value) or Regular Piece and Personal Phone Call From a Ballplayer (Priceless!!)

9 Consolation Prizes

$150 Gift Certificates, $100 MVP Club Memberships, and Memorabilia

Ticket Prices

$10 each

$25 / 3 tickets

$50 / 8 tickets

$100 / 20 tickets

How it Works – Battle of the Brothers Competition

  • Chapters are placed in a division of 8 teams, top 4 teams make playoffs
  • Chapters play head to head within each division
    • 7 game season (1 head to head battle per week)
    • Winner chosen by number of average raffles sold per brother (so beware of the smaller Chapter!!)
  • Raffle Regular “Season” runs from September 9 – October 30
  • Playoffs run from October 31 to November 13
  • Loser bracket playoffs for Pizza Party run from October 31 to November 13
  • Raffle winners drawn November 20

Tickets Sales Process and Tips

  • Buyers can pay online at
  • Buyers can pay a Brother by cash or check to A E Pi, and the Buyer fills out raffle ticket on sheet. Click here for raffle ticket sheets
  • Each Brother should send our pre-made email to parents, alum and other adults, and post on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Each Brother should sell at least $25 – $50 in tickets