Restaurants, Businesses & Non Profits

Find Out How To Improve You Bottom Line For Free!

We know we have lofty goals and we are looking to work with Businesses, especially restaurants, to ensure we accomplish those goals.  We offer multiple opportunities for businesses to work with us at zero cost to them to help us secure our $500,000 donation and improve their own bottom line at the same time.  Click on any of the plans below to access the one-pager fully explaining the process.

*For all of these programs we are still able to donate the initial proceeds to non-profits and provide you with a cut of the action.

Display Artwork For Free!

The best way for people to find out about the artwork is to see it in person.   What better place than in your very own business!  We offer multiple plans ranging from 6-month leases to full-time ownership of the artwork for your business.  We can personalize the print to represent your business and the whole time we keep track of all the sales referencing your business to cut you monthly commission checks.  You do not have to do any selling or advertising just put up the print and collect the commissions.

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Simply Include Us On Your Website Or In An Email

Our database is pretty big but we know you can reach potential customers we do not even know about.  We offer commissions for any sale referencing our customers hearing about the product from your website or email blast.  This is the easiest way to earn some additional revenue with very little effort.

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Other Programs

We also offer some large-scale fundraising programs ranging from “A Night of Jewish Baseball” to silent or live auctions.  These require more prep time but are perfect for any business looking to help make a difference in their community.

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