To Get Your Free Artwork, Please Confirm The Following:

  • I am either:
      • a Rabbi, Executive Director, Board Member or other person affiliated with a Temple, Synagogue, JCC, or Jewish Federation


      • The owner or manager of a Jewish Restaurant or Deli
  • I took the challenge
  • I posted the picture AND the Yom Kippur video on my social media and/or forwarded to friends and colleagues (send us a link, we’d love to see it!!)
  • I challenged at least 3 others who qualify for the challenge and would like the free artwork too.
  • I LOVE the artwork!!
  • I will hang it in my Temple, Synagogue, JCC, Jewish Federation or Restaurant
  • By taking the Yom Kippur Challenge, I will receive the Artwork under JBP’s Risk Free Program and can even earn donations!!!!. (Click Here for Details)