Hello Friends,

We are no longer offering this program. To see if available elsewhere, click here. We thank you for your incredible support over the years!!

Greg Harris,
President and Founder of Jewish Baseball Player.com

Are You in Contact with a Business, Restaurant, Charity, or Synagogue/Temple?

Would This Artwork Look Good on its Wall For Free?

*Then This Program Is A Must For You*

We know everyone says that nothing worth having is free.  Well, we decided to challenge that statement with our most innovative program.  Now that we have sold a good amount of the artwork and already given over $120,000 in donations to multiple causes, we want to help you start earning donations with every piece we sell.  This program works for any building that gets a good crowd of potential buyers on a regular basis, or just draws a Jewish audience.

See below for all the details, but here’s some highlights.

  1. Call, Email, or Complete the Form Below to Request Your Free Artwork
  2. Decide if you want to Participate in the Basic Program or Double Donations Program
  3. Hang the Artwork to be Enjoyed by All
  4. Receive Payments When We Make Sales

Download (PDF, 416KB)