The JBP Executive Club

How do I become a member of this exclusive club?

Purchase An Original Piece of Artwork Today.

What are the benefits of being a member?

       The benefits are priceless memories.

1.  Upon your purchase, you will receive a personal phone call from one of the players or celebrities in the Artwork congratulating you on your purchase and welcoming you to the club.

2. will select a city and host a cocktail party so that everyone affiliated with the Artwork can come together to meet, exchange contacts and stories, and reminisce with the players and celebrities.  You will be invited, free of charge, to attend every year.  At the party, you will get a chance to personally meet the various players, entertainers, and personalities in attendance, as well as other Artwork purchasers like yourself.

3.  We anticipate working on other exclusive projects in the future which we are sure will be of interest to you.  As a member of the JBP Executive Club, you will have the first right of participation in all future projects before it is open to the public.

Who can I expect to be in attendance?

The list can vary quite a bit, but it will include all people associated with the Jewish Baseball Player Artwork, as well as people associated with projects we will develop in the future.  Obviously, there is no guarantee which players will attend from year to year as that will vary based on location and player schedule.  However, there will be a fair number at each event.

How do I go about buying an original piece of art so I can join the club?