Don’t Just Own A Piece of History, Become A Part Of It.



Personalized Original

Thanks to our artist, Ron Lewis, we are able to paint you and any family members or friends into the original artwork crowd without harming the artwork or any of the authentic signatures.  The original artist does all the painting and we send you a proof of the artwork to ensure you are happy with the results before finalizing.

The personalized artwork comes on the Canvas Series, which gives you the simple and straightforward complete set of ballplayer autographs like our Original Edition, but literally makes it bigger and better.  We take our Original Work of Art and have it professionally printed on artist’s canvas.  The canvas texture makes for a unique and rich display of the coloring in this historical Work of Art.  We increased the size as well to 26 ½” x 40”, compared with the size of all other sets being 24” x 36”.  You will also receive the additional standard membership package for purchasing one of the originals.

This is the ultimate gift for any and all occasions.


Personalized Giclée

For those who want to be in the artwork but don’t want the authentic signatures we have something for you as well!  This option allows you all the same personalization as the Personalized Canvas but simply does not have the authentic signatures to accompany the artwork.

This comes with the same frame quality as the original artwork. The photo itself is still completely licensed through MLB.

You can be painted in wherever you would like and we will work with you to ensure the painting looks up to your standard before the purchase is final.


View the Legend of the Work of Art